Women in the Wind

  Highway Hunnies, Regina Saskatchewan Chapter

Women in the Wind (www.womeninthewind.org) is an international association of female motorcycle riders.

We are women who have developed a passion for riding motorcycles at some point in our lives. Our members are from all walks of life with motorcycles as diverse as our lifestyles and interests.

The Highway Hunnies Chapter was started in October 2013 by friends who wanted to bring the women of Southern Saskatchewan together with the goals of education and fun in the motorcycle world.  They wanted to start a group of women only riders to encourage and support one another in all aspects of life.  We learn how to become better riders and how to maintain our rides mechanically - all within a fun and positive atmosphere!  We are committed to showing the community a positive image of women motorcycle riders.  But most important we are here to RIDE, RIDE,RIDE!

Our Purpose 

  • to unite women motorcyclists with friends of common interest
  • to promote a positive image to the public of women on motorcycles 
  • to help educate its members on motorcycle safety and maintenance 
  • to build confidence and self-worth in an uplifting atmosphere


Our members are from all different walks of life.  We have Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters and Friends.  We don't care what you ride as long as you ride!  

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Becky Brown began Women In the Wind  which she founded in Toledo,Ohio in 1979. In March 2002 Becky was inducted into the National Motorcycle Museum Hall of Fame. Since then WITW has grown into an International organization with more than 100 chapters and is over 1000 members strong. Although most are located in the United States, it now includes chapters in Great Britain, Portugal,  and 16 chapters in Canada.

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