Women in the Wind

  Highway Hunnies, Regina Saskatchewan Chapter

How to join Highway Hunnies

Membership Requirements

There are four mandatory requirements that are needed to join our chapter;

  1. Have a motorcycle license and motorcycle (class 5 endorsement)
  2. Have a passion for riding
  3. You must read and agree to follow the Highway Hunnies chapter bylaws 
  4. And well - you have to be a woman!

If you meet all of the above requirements then you are off to a great start. Then you simply start showing up and joining us on our scheduled rides and social events. These are all posted on the Highway Hunnies website and updated regularly. You must attend six scheduled rides/events to apply for full member status.   

Our members are from all different walks of life.  They are mothers, sisters and friends and some are even grandmothers.  We don't care what kind of bike you ride or how long you have been riding.  Everyone is welcome.

We're always looking for new sisters to join us.

Our Purpose

  • to unite women motorcyclists with friends of common interest
  • to promote a positive image to the public of women on motorcycles
  • to educate our members on motorcycle safety and maintenance
  • to build confidence and self-worth in an uplifting atmosphere

Chapter Dues

Chapter membership shall be renewed by March 22 of each year. Dues will be as 

follows (New chapter membership dues are prorated on the date joined): 

March 22 – June 30: $50 Cdn ($25 US payable to US Treasurer) 

July 1 – September 30: $40 Cdn ($20 US payable to US Treasurer) 

October 1 –December 31: $30 Cdn ($15 US payable to US Treasurer) 

January 1 – March 21: $20 Cdn ($10 US payable to US Treasurer) 

What do you receive with the chapter dues?  Well you get............

  •  Membership card
  •  Women In the Wind logo patch (small), and the right to purchase a full WITW Highway Hunnies back patch
  •  National newsletter subscription - Shootin the Breeze (6 times/year)
  • Invite to the WITW Nationals both summer and winter
  • You may purchase and wear all WITW logo items
  • New friendships, camaraderie, encouragement and support of other women riders

Can men join or participate?

Men cannot join the Highway Hunnies chapter. We are strictly a riding club for women only.  Any open additional/last minute rides or special events may include men, friends and or family members. If something is an “OPEN RIDE” or “OPEN EVENT” this will be posted on the website and marked Men Welcome. 

For more information please use the Contact Us Form on the website or send us an email to [email protected]